Where Are You and Where Are You Going?

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Where Are You and Where Are You Going?

Your technology is revolutionary.  It seeks to redefine your market sector.  But your website focuses on value. Your product allows you to address extremely complex issues, but your case studies and messaging speak to very simple solutions, potentially making your product appear to be nothing more than a mere complex, an expensive alternative.

As companies embrace the web and begin to rely on it for an even larger component in their marketing communications efforts, it is critical that you don’t lose sign of the key tenets of good marketing communications.
1. Who are you speaking to?
2. Does your audience understand your product or sector?
3. Where are you in your overall communications cycle? Company launch, new product launch, growth with product extensions…

Understanding where you are and where you are going allows us to work much more productively with our clients on the creation of web solutions that aren’t just aesthetically striking, but also business relevant.  “The technology isn’t the strategy”, it is one of the capabilities that we will help you leverage.

Think about where you are along your business continuum, and make sure that the visual design and information architecture are supportive of your messaging strategy.