How to Determine Potential Keyword Traffic

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How to Determine Potential Keyword Traffic

When working on a search engine marketing campaign, one of the most difficult areas is determining the keywords that you plan on targeting. You don’t want to be too general, such as trying to acquire a #1 ranking for “clothing” when your site only focuses on attire for big and tall men. Or are you only worried about very long phrases, which don’t drive any traffic?

Either way, the Google Keyword Tool can provide you with an excellent assessment of potential traffic for a list of keywords, and even offers suggestions for alternatives you may not have thought of. This can help with getting started in both an organic (SEO) campaign as well as pay-per-click ads, with Google AdWords!

Prior to last week though, this service only offered keyword traffic information simply as a colored bar – the longer the bar, the more popular the phrase. The difficulty was that the bar only had 5 levels, so users received a very vague estimation of a phrase’s potential traffic. Last week, though, Google released actual numerical data for keyword traffic, which makes the tool much more useful. Additionally, you’re given a monthly trend graph for each term’s popularity and also the specific month that the term is most frequently searched for.

As I mentioned, how much you spend on your pay-per-click campaigns can also be determined by using this tool. You’re able to enter a potential daily budget and you’ll learn how much you’ll need to bid in order to be listed in the top three positions. And certainly understanding which words to include in your campaign doesn’t hurt either!

There are other services that offer keyword popularity metrics – Keyword Discovery and WordTracker are two of the most popular. However, being that Google is the actual search engine the majority of us use, the data that comes directly from them is bound to be the most accurate.